Sunday, March 1, 2009

Is making new laws to even more particularize criminal conduct the right way to go? Is incarcerating as many non-violent offenders as we currently do the most cost effective and productive thing we can do?

As the new Florida legislature convenes next week, rest assured, high on their agenda will be criminalizing conduct not already criminalized and strengthening the severity of the possible punishment for conduct already criminalized. Is this really our best option in these tight budget years.

There are a number of places the legislature could loosen up. There is lots of conduct out there that is not really criminal in the traditional sense of what "criminal" means. Take for instance returning a rental vehicle late, a felony if the company complains. How many of you have kept rental vehicles past their due dates? Did you ever think it could make you a felon? Let the rental company use the civil courts, as it has always been intended. What about not returning the furniture you rented on time? Why is that a felony? let the rental company repossess and sue. In either case, if a true theft situation occurs, then fine, go ahead and charge it. But, most of the time this is bullshit.

Drugs! can't they lighten up? Why criminalize a user? Get them help. Educate them. Get them off drugs. Throwing them in jail is not going to do that.

Quit letting the cops steal property from citizens, uneless is is a material and necessary instrument for the crime. taking cars from people who pick up prostitutes and buy drugs is not healping solve the problem. Quit making law enforcement a profit making orginazation.

That's all for now. More next time.

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